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Hi. I’m Stacey.  And this is my story.

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Once upon a time, I married my high school sweetheart the week before law school graduation. Once upon a time, I worked insane hours at a big, scary Washington D.C. law firm. Once upon a time, Matt and I kissed our boring, workaholic lives good bye and moved to a tropical island in Micronesia. We lived to travel, drink coffee, take walks on the beach and dote on our feral, tropical island ‘boonie’ dog. Once upon a time, we weren’t sure if we wanted children.

After eight years of marriage, we moved our fairytale selves back to the real world (otherwise known as Border of Idaho), bought a house, decided to have a baby and got pregnant. Fate taught us a lesson about being careful what you ask for because you might just end up wanting it really badly. Like a good fairy princess, I went for the happy ending. We had our first son (G) and committed to adopt our daughter (S) in 2005. Our second son (Q) was born in 2007. Our third son (The Babynater) was born in 2009. We’re every two years kind of people. We’ll be working on the rest of the alphabet in the coming years. Kidding, mom, I swear. And they all lived happily ever after…or so their mother fervently hopes.

What? You want a serious bio?  This is all I’ve got.

Stacey Conner loves chai tea lattes, bed time and being at home with her children. She hates the cold, finger paints and play dough. She wants to be a writer. No, wait, she is a writer. With four kids five and under, life is messy, but never boring. She blogs about life with a toddler herd, adoption, trans-racial parenting and other issues, big and small, at Her first historical romance novel is published serially at Summer Connolly Romance.  In 2011, she is excited to be the producer and director of the Spokane production of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER.