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Four little pumpkins

I have never before taken, nor will I ever again take, a picture that so accurately reflects my children’s personalities.

Thank you, Aunt Heather, for our awesome costumes!  We hit a new record with over 700 trick-or-treaters.  That’s a lot of pieces of candy thrown into pillowcases.  I had to turn out the lights at 7:45 p.m.  (We usually make it at least until 8:00.)  I was plum tuckered out by the time we got our crew settled and into bed.

That’s when these two hilarious young men set up a door on our porch and – when I bit and knocked – gave me a piece of candy.  So cute.

Don’t you just want to call their moms and take them out for coffee so that you can ask how they raised such funny, sweet teenagers?  Hope you all had a rockin’ All Hallows Eve.  May your children have plenty of Snickers and Milky Ways for you to steal and not so much on the Almond Joys.

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