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Be careful what you wish for

Fridays I’m at Mamalode, a really cool literary community for parents. Today, I’m pondering how to live my life unconditionally, and leave the ‘might have beens’ alone.

The weft and weave together make the whole.  I know that truth holds, even now.  I don’t argue that loss has a purpose or “happens for a reason.” The gods I love leave life to chance and I love them better for it.  But I sense the danger in unraveling any thread in the pattern of joy and loss.  … Life, unconditionally at Mamalode.

It’s a rare gift, isn’t it?  This matter of truly being where you are.  Maybe as mothers the goal is to love ourselves as unconditionally as we love our children.

“Balance,” the 13th issue of Mamalode’s print magazine is out and it is beautiful.  I say that with only slight bias because my essay “Moments” is included.

I think a huge part of accepting ourselves is owning our successes as freely as we own our failures.  I’m quick to apologize to my children and acknowledge when I screw up, but I’m not as quick to say, did you see me?  did you see how hard I worked and that I made it happen?  I want them to have that skill and it’s surprisingly hard to learn.  So on that note, I’m proud of my work at Mamalode; I love the essay that’s posted today.  Go and see me over there and if you’re interested the magazine, you can subscribe here.

And now I must bake a cake, lest I be forced to apologize and acknowledge that I screwed up Garrett’s seventh birthday.  (SEVEN.  ??!!!???  How did that happen?)

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