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Words fail. Love can not.

Maggie wrote those words in a comment on Anna’s post in memory of her twelve year old son who was lost in a flash flood in Virginia last Thursday.  They play over and over in my mind.

I’ve been following Anna and her beautiful children for four years. We “met” soon after I started this blog and I think of her as a part of my “original” blog family. I can’t even type that sentence about her loss without crying.

Right there, in the preceding paragraph, lies the source of the tight knot of consternation that has plagued me and stopped my hands from typing all week.  It’s so hard to write about someone else’s grief without “I.”  “I” am so sorry. “I” am devastated for you. “I” have been crying for days.  “I” am praying. Even if you reverse it, it isn’t right.  Your loss is so heavy on my heart.  You are constantly on my mind.

What the hell does it matter how I feel or what I am doing?  How do you tell someone that you are here, loving them and holding them and grieving with them without “I”?

Words fail.

Love can not.  This vast virtual space does weave itself – in real life as they say – into webs of connection and friendship and community.  Webs that touch and overlap and share threads with other webs until the picture in my mind is one of millions of silken, perfect spider masterpieces stretching in all directions from my computer. Each connected by a thread or two to the next until we are … well … all connected.  Not unlike life in general.

When something awful happens, we all struggle with the words.  The love though. It’s astounding.  And it’s real.

I’m so sorry, Anna. Words fail. But we love you.


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